About Genesis Custom Homes

Genesis began after the experience the Powells had building their dream home. A lack of what they believed to be proper supervision prompted them to take on the task of project management. With tools in hand, Tim Powell worked alongside construction crews to complete his home.

“I was disappointed in the way I was treated and shuffled around when I trusted someone else with one of the most important purchases a couple can make,” Tim said. “I knew that if I could pull off this project, I could build a house for someone else and keep them more involved in the process while treating them the way people should be treated. After seeing how well my house turned out I realized I had caught the building bug.”

Customer involvement and satisfaction are the key elements of Genesis Custom Homes. Realizing that customer ideas and needs are valid, the Powells make it a point to really listen to their clients. They begin the process with an interview so clients can decide if Genesis is the right builder for their needs.

“There are a lot of good builders out there, and I want to make sure I am the right builder to do the best job possible. I want to give the home builder the opportunity to meet me and make the decision on their own without high pressure sales tactics. If I’m not the best man for the job, no one will be happy in the end,” Tim Powell said. “Building a home should be a fun and exciting process, not drudgery.”

Tim Powell sits with each client in a free consultation to discuss all of the possibilities available to them. The client chooses selections, gets estimated building costs and blueprints before a contract is signed. If the client decides they want to proceed, a final price is established and a contract is drawn.

“Customer satisfaction and relationships formed over the years are what have made Genesis Custom Homes a success,” Tim Powell said. “Our relationships begin in the first steps of building, designing, creating and imagining each house; then comes the months of building a home from the ground up, which leads to the final walk and inspection of the new home. Throughout the experience, we guide and motivate, making sure the building process meets all expectations. We even make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible through the financing and closing procedures.”

Tim Powell’s commitment to a personal touch takes place during the entire building process. He is heavily involved in the design and creativity of the home. Nothing is left to the subcontractors; he follows up on all progress personally, taking as much stress off the homeowner as possible.

Suiting the needs of clients also has led the Powells to create Genesis Custom Pools. More then 80 percent of Genesis clients request pools, as a result, the Powells established the custom pool company, which not only includes unique designs and quality craftsmanship but complete landscaping. The couple also has established a real estate segment to help future homeowners with needed sales of homes and property.

Genesis Custom Homes, with home sites located in the Texas Hill Country, has much to offer future home builders.

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